Mt. Kintoki


Where is Mt. Kintoki located?

If you are traveling in the Tokyo area, it would be a good idea to go for a hike for a day to escape from crowded cities in Tokyo. Mt. Kintoki is a perfect hiking spot for you. Located in Hakone which is about two hours from the Shinjuku station in Tokyo, Mt. Kintoki is one of the easiest mountains to climb but has spectacular view from its top. Hakone is known for its hot springs resorts (onsen) and views of the iconic volcano Mt. Fuji which you can enjoy while hiking up Mt. Kintoki.

How to get to a trailhead of Mt. Kintoki?

The easiest way to get to Mt. Kintoki is to take an express bus from the “Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal” station in Shinjuku, a major bus terminal located in Shinjuku Station South. The express bus that you need to take is called “Odakyu Hakone Express Bus” bound for Hakone which will take you to the “Otome-toge” bus stop in two hours depending on the traffic. The trailhead is just a few minutes from the bus stop. You can take the same bus on your way back from the “Kintoki-jinja-iriguchi” bus stop.

Hiking up Mt. Kintoki

Climbing up Mt. Kintoki to the top would take about three hours on average. The trails are narrow and steep in part, but generally, friendly for beginner hikers. The view of Mt. Fuji is breathtaking, especially if it is a sunny day.

Mt. Kintoki is the legendary home for Kintaro, a folk hero from Japanese folklore whose only other accoutrement was a hatchet (ono or masakari in Japanese) which is why there is a statue of Kintaro’s axe on the top of the mountain.

The best part is having tasty “Curry Udon” at a restaurant on the top of Mt. Kintoki with stunning views of Mt. Fuji .

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