Trip to Ohita – Part 2



On the second day of our trip, we went to another famous autumn foliage spot called Yabakei in Nakatsu city. The place was less than an hour drive from our hotel. It was a bit cloudy and cold day but we were able to see beautiful colored leaves. There are more than a few famous spots to visit in Yabakei so it may be helpful to stop by at the information center and get a map of the area.


There is a beautiful park in Yabakei called Keisekien that you must visit if you are there to see autumn foliage. This Japanese style park was built in 1987 to commemorate the completion of Yabakei dam. With thousands of stones the park replicates a mountain stream and with hundreds of different types of trees the park shows various colors by the season. There is a light-up event at night during the autumn. Unfortunately, when we went to the park the weather was not that great but you can see how bright the colors of trees are!

耶馬溪ダム記念公園「溪石園」 | 中津耶馬渓観光協会 (

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