Japanese Restaurant – Reiwa Honzen


Happy 2022! I can’t believe it’s been almost two years since the initial COVID outbreak. We have been fighting against the virus for so long but we may still have to combat COVID-19, especially Omicron variant. Let’s hope for a better year this year. Stay safe and healthy, everyone.

Japanese Restaurant – Reiwa Honzen

Today I’d like to introduce a restaurant that offers healthy, balanced, tasty, and creative Japanese food called Reiwa Honzen in Ginza. The resutaurant is operated by FANCL, a Japanese cosmetics and dietary supplements company. The company has its flagship store in Ginza which is called FANCL Ginza Square, a 9-story building where you can experience the whole beauty and health products that FANCL offers. On the 9th floor of the building, there is a Japanese restaurant called Reiwa Honzen. The Honzen meal is said to have started in Muromachi era (1336-1573) when Samurai society penetrated throughout Japan. Under a feudatory relationship, vassals had to invite their feudal lords or Shogun and treat them with Honzen meal which was served with different kinds of small plates on a little squared dining table. The number of plates or dining tables depended on feudal titles and ranks. The resutaurant offers a modern version of Honzen meal with healthy and fresh ingredients.

Grand opening of “FANCL Ginza Square” | kokosil Ginza

9F 創作料理 FANCL令和本膳|ファンケル 銀座スクエア|店舗情報|FANCL ファンケル

Lunch Menu – Seasonal Lunch Course

The lunch course I tried had 7 different plates, including a dessert plate. The ingredients that they use in the course menu may change by season. Please check out different menus on the link above. You can also make a reservation online. The food was really good and all healthy.

Appetizer in three different dishes, FANCL vegitable juice, and soup made from brown rice
Tofu topped with crab flakes
Three different kinds of steamed egg custard
Grilled fish
Brown rice topped with Ikura, miso soup, and Inari sushi
Mochi dessert

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