Today I would like to introduce spectacular fruit, vegetable, and soap carving that my friend exhibited in March. She teaches fruit carving in Japan after she studied it in Thailand. The fruit carving is an art which requires techniques to carve the fruits and vegetables perfectly and intricately. The carving transforms fruits such as apples and watermelons into incredibly intricate sculptures. If you go to Thailand, you will see these arts elsewhere and you will definitely get surprised to see how meticulously the artists can carve fruits and vegetables into layered flowers, three-dimensional roses, and other types of creatures such as a swan and a dragon.

This is not something to do with Japanese culture but I thought I should share these amazing sculptures that my friend made with fruits, vegetables, and soap.

She held this exhibition in the museum in Saitama prefecture. Although she was not able to exhibit real fruit carving as real fruits would not last long inside the museum, she presented some pictures of fruit carving and soap carving as shown in the pictures below. The works of art would not have been completed without her extremely hard-work and perseverance!  

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