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Cake shop

There is one cake shop that I had always wanted to visit and finally, I made it! The place is called Patisseries Francaise Quartre, a French dessert shop.

Patisserie Francaise Quatre フランス菓子キャトル 公式ウェブサイト|季節のアイテム

They have so many different kinds of dessert and they all look so good. In the shop there is also a corner where you can buy pastries. The shop itself is spacious and has luxurious atmosphere. Inside the shop, there is also a cafe where you can eat cafe menu such as sandwiches, burgers, and omelette.

Patisserie Francaise Quatre フランス菓子キャトル 公式ウェブサイト|カフェメニュー

There are eight or nine different branches of Quatre in Tokyo and Kanagawa prefecture and also, there is an online shop for some sweets.

キャトル通信販売 (

Today, I bought a slice of strawberry tart for a little break. It had just the right sweetness for me. The strawberry season is almost ending but I feel strawberries in April are sweeter than those in February or March. The sourness and sweetness of strawberries go well with tart crust.

The picture below is taken from the outside of the shop.

There are so many different kinds of dessert in the shop and they all loos so delicious!

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