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Vegan menu in Tokyo – Part 1


There are not that many vegan restaurants in Tokyo. Today, I’d like to introduce one of my favorite vegan restaurants. Located in Roppongi close to The National Art Center, Tokyo, “Veganic to go” is a little, cozy vegan restaurant that serves a variety of vegan food. The restaurant has only 10 seats so it could be busy during the lunch time but you can always order the meal to go. I tried a Karaage rice bowl with Chinese style sauce on the top which was extremely good. You can’t tell that Karaage, normally a deep-fried chicken, is a meat substitute made from beans, if no one tells you that it is a vegan dish. There are a lot of different menus other than Karaage rice bowl such as salads, burgers, and desserts which I should definitely try out next time.


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