Hostels and Private Residence for backpackers in Japan


Today, I’d like to introduce hostels and private residence in Tokyo where you can make your stay in the area more specials and unique.



This hostel/guest house is located in a very convenient spot in Tokyo. You can enjoy “Shitamachi” culture which means an old town with a traditional atmosphere. The first floor of the building is a resutaurant and bar where a lot of tourists can interact with locals.

2 hanare – HASHIGO

This hostel captures the entire town as their accommodations and provides very unique experience while staying in Taito district, Tokyo, including Sento (bath), Cycling, Culture classes, Shopping, and Dining.

3 Guest House Shinagawa-shuku

This hostel is located close to Shiganawa station in Tokyo. In the Edo period, Shinagawa was home to Shinagawa-juku, one of the 53 stops on the Tokaido Highway. In that period, when the country was being rebuilt as the capital of the country was moved from Kyoto to Edo (Tokyo), post towns were built in various locations as relay points for people, goods, and information. Historically, Shinagawa has been important as a post town and is a great place to learn about the history of Edo era. You can enjoy interactions with locals while staying in this guest house.

4 Bamba Hotel

This hotel is a 12-minute walk from Guest House Shinagawa-shuku. It is a very small hotel (a maximum capacity is 5 people per day) but you may feel like you are staying in a private residence. Also, you can feel that you have become a part of the local community while staying in this hotel. The building was 80 years old and had been vacant for a while when the owner first found it. The inside of the building has transformed into a bit modern style but has kept the old materials as much as possible to keep the tasteful atmosphere.

5 Araiya

This hotel is located about 15 minutes from Guest House Shinagawa-shuku by bike and was renovated from an old private house by the owner. It is also a very small hotel with a maximum capacity of one group of guest per night. The closest station is Sengaku-ji on Keisei Line and Toei Asakusa Line.

6 Kago#34

This hotel is something between a hotel and a private residence. It is located right next to Guest House Shinagawa-shuku. It is on an expensive end but you can feel that you live in a little apartment in Tokyo with a little dining room and a kitchen. This place may be more friendly for a family with kids or other people who want to cook their own meal while traveling.

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