teamLab Borderless


What is teamLab Borderless?

teamLab Borderless is Mori Building digital art museum located in Odaiba, Tokyo. It exhibits a group of artworks that form one borderless world. The museum is divided into different rooms with different themes but artworks move out of the rooms freely, and form connections and relationships with other works. Some digital arts react to or follow people’s movements which is formulated by artificial intelligence responsive to human interaction.

The famous paintings of Irises by the Dutch artist Vincent van Gough transformed into impactful digital arts in the museum.

En Tea House

If you are in teamLab Borderless, you must go to “En Tea House” for a break! When green tea is placed on the table, a tea tree grows from it. The collaboration of digital arts and green tea or green tea ice cream is just marvelous! The green tea dishes placed on the table create more tea trees that gradually grow and a tea field as time goes by. The digital arts make the tea trees bloom as if the season has changed. If you move the green tea on the table, the tea tree withers and grows again in a different place.

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