Yamaguchi – Senzaki and Omi Island


After an hour and a half drive to the north from Yamaguchi city, you will reach Senzaki city and Omi Island, a small island near Hagi in the Sea of Japan.

You can take a cruise to go round the Omi island which takes about 30 minutes. The beautiful blue and clear ocean can tell how clean the water is in the area. If you are lucky, you may see a female diver who are catching sea urchins.

Senzaki is the city in which a famous Japanese poet and song writer, Misuzu Kaneko (1903 – 1930) was born. Her famous poem, “We are all different and all wonderful” is now included in a Japanese text book of primary schools. Her nursery rhymes were published in a number of different magazines in early 1900s. Her memorial museum is in Senzaki city so it’s worth visiting it if you are in Senzaki.

Clear and beautiful ocean of Omi Island

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