Vegan menu in Tokyo – Part 2



Located near Ebisu station in Tokyo, KO-SO café offers a variety of vegan food. The other day, I had a vegetarian pasta for lunch which uses fifteen different vegetables in it. If you pay 100 yen more, you can change pasta to soba noodles. The pasta sauce was made from coriander which really went well with fresh vegetables mixed with the pasta.

The name of the restaurant “KO-SO” means enzyme in Japanese which is essential for healthy digestion and healthy body. The food in the restaurant mostly uses fresh vegetables and fruits but no animal ingredients, eggs, dairy products, or white sugar. The concept of the restaurant really promotes inner beauty and healthy lifestyle through eating quality food.

If you are tired of having large meals while traveling in Tokyo, it may be a good idea to stop by and have some healthy food in KO-SO Café.

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