Vegan menu in Tokyo – Part 3


Let me introduce another vegan menu, “Vegan burger” at “Veganic to go”, the vegan restaurant in Roppongi that I introduced the other day. The vegan burger I had was with black beans, cabbage, green vegetables, lotus roots, tomatoes, rice, and buns. I must say the vegan burger I had was beyond my expectation!

The vegan burger you can get at Veganic to go is not a junk food but rather a healthy meal. Every ingredient used in the burger is not just vegetarian but very special in a way that they are natural, organic, and GMO free. For example, the buns are made from 100% organic flour produced in Japan and include a superfood, Hemp. The oil used in the burger is naturally compressed from vegetables without going through chemical processing.

The vegan burger may look pretty large but after eating it, your body will definitely feel lighter.

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