Key to longer lives – Part 2


Good healthcare and medical check system

You may not believe if I say, most Japanese people have a medical checkup every year, which is almost compulsory if you are a corporate employee. All residents of Japan are required by the law to have health insurance coverage, which also covers an annual medical checkup. That is why a lot of Japanese people can get a free medical checkup every year. Even if you are not employed by a corporation, you can still participate in a national health insurance program, administered by local governments. Patients are free to select physicians or facilities of their choice.

You can get your whole body examined at a medical checkup, which can definitely help find potential health issues. The medical checkup courses depend on your age but if you are in mid-thirties or older, a half-day medical checkup may be available for you. Some clinics provide a full range of gynecological and internal medicine assessment, including mammography, ultra-sound, and X-ray for women on top of regular medical checkup menus.

The other thing you may get surprised at is the level of granularity the result of your medical checkup will provide. The clinic that I go to always provides me with an overall rating of the checkup ranging from A to E (By the way, rating C is broken down to four different levels, rating D and E is broken down to two different levels, respectively) and the result of each examination is explained in detail in a 10-page booklet. The results from prior years’ examinations are also included in the booklet so it is easy for you to compare your results to prior years.

A lot of people are health conscious these days and the medical checkup is one way to see if your lifestyle is working well for your body or not. I believe a good healthcare and medical system is essential to live long and healthy.

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