Rice Oil


What is rice oil?

Have you used rice oil before? In Japan, you can purchase it in a grocery store. It’s made from rice produced in Japan and labeled as “Rice oil” in Japanese. The rice oil is the oil extracted from the rice bran, the hard outer brown layer of rice called chaff (rice husk) or the rice germ. The rice oil is rich in Vitamin E, tocotrienols, and plant sterol and has a neutral flavor which goes well with any kind of food.

How to use it?

The rice oil can be used for any kind of cooking, but one of the unique ways to use it is to add to your rice when cooking in a rice cooker or to noodles such as ramen and pasta as the rice oil gives a rich flavor to the food. You can also use the rice oil for your homemade salad dressing. Because the rice oil has good stability at frying temperature, it is suited for high temperature cooking such as Tempura and stir-fries. The healthiest cooking oil has a lot of health benefits so it is definitely worth using it for your daily cooking.

Deep-fried cheese pork made with rice oil

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