Strawberry dessert


You may be able to eat strawberries throughout the year in your country but in Japan, good strawberries are only available during the wintertime. In Winter, a lot of cafes, dessert shops, and hotel restaurants offer strawberry desserts. Today, I would like to introduce one café in Chidoricho, Tokyo that offers amazing strawberry parfaits.

Located in Chidoricho, Tokyo, the café called “The living” offers lunch menu such as eggs benedict, curry rice, and desserts that use high-grade fruits. Mostly during January and February, strawberry parfaits are on their dessert menu, while in other seasons, dessert parfaits that use other kinds of fruits such as grapes and peaches are offered.

The café uses fresh-picked strawberries at “Mukasa strawberry farm” in Kawasaki, Kanagawa prefecture. The dessert I had the other day is called “Elegance parfait” which looked like works of art with very delicate strawberries taste.

If you are traveling in Japan during the wintertime, it may be worth trying out some strawberry desserts. You need to make a reservation in advance if you would like to have a strawberry parfait in “The living” through FB messenger.

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