Kimono layers


Do you know how many layers does a kimono for females have when wearing it for casual occasions?

There are normally, three layers, including a kimono. Of course you need to wear Tabi socks and Obi (a belt for Kimonos), etc. when wearing Kimonos, but what you wear underneath a kimono is Hadajuban (underwear for a kimono) and Nagajuban (a kimono undergarment).

There are two types of Hadajuban; separate (top and bottom) type and one-piece type. At the Kimono school I go to, the separate type was recommended as it is easier to pull down the back portion of the collar, which is the style you follow when wearing a kimono. Pulling down the back portion of the collar is called “emon o nuku” in Japanese and the “emon” means the back portion of collar, although you can’t really see it in the picture below as it is one of the most difficult parts of wearing a kimono for the beginner….

Nagajuban is something you wear after you put on your hadajuban and underneath your kimono. There are different kinds of designs, colors, and textures of Nagajuban so it is important to select the one that matches your kimono. As you can see in the picture below, Nagajuban can be seen from others through your kimono sleeves which is why it is important to chose the one that goes well with your kimono. I chose the white Nagajuban as it goes well with most kimonos.

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