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Yamaguchi – Iwakuni Castle


Where is it located?

Iwakuni Castle (Iwakunij┼Ź) is located in Iwakuni, Yamaguchi prefecture which is about 20 minute from Iwakuni Kintaikyo Airport by car. The castle was built in 1608 and the site of the castle was chosen for its natural defensive advantages on top of Mount Shiroyama and mostly surrounded by the Nishiki River. The castle is four stories high, and looks out onto the city 200 meters below.

You can look up the castle before getting onto the ropeway.

History of Iwakuni Castle

Hiroie Kikkawa who built the Iwakuni Castle, was born as the third son of Motoharu Kikkawa in 1561. He supported the MOHRI clan as well as his father and his elder brother. After the territory of Terumoto MOHRI who became the commander in chief of the west army in the Battle of Sekigahara in 1600, was diminished to the two Bocho domains, Hiroie moved from Izumo to Iwakuni and improved construction of the castle, formation of the castle town, and a legal system, and built the foundation of Iwakuni in the Edo period.

It was unfortunate that the original castle was destroyed in 1615 which was just seven years after the castle was built, as the number of castles was limited to one per han (feudal domain) at that time. The present construction dates from 1962 and inside displays samurai swords, armor, and other items related to the castle history.

The view while going up the mountain to the castle by the ropeway

While you are in the castle..

You should definitely enjoy the gorgeous view from the castle and go inside the castle to see its collection. From the castle you can see the city of Iwakuni, including Kitai Bridge.

You can see the Kintai Bridge in the middle of the picture.

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