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Japanese sweet shop – “Daisanmannendo”


History of the sweet shop

The Japanese sweet shop called “Daisanmannendo” started its business about 360 years ago during the Edo era in Tatsunocho, Honmachi in Hyogo prefecture and has survived through all these years. The first owner, Sanzaemon, was a warrior who used to serve the lord of Tatsuno Castle, Akamatsu, but later became a merchant and started his own sweet shop. Its main store now is still located in the same place where the family started their sweet shop in old days. The 13th generation, Reika Yasuhara, started the new brand “Daisanmannendo Hanare” (Hanare means a bit far from the main shop in Japanese) in Tokyo which unifies Japanese traditional sweets and western dessert ingredients such as whipped cream, chocolates, and butter. All the desserts that Daisanmannendo Hanare serves are not only delicious but also very healthy and unique.

Daisanmannendo Hanare Cafe

In Daisanmannendo Hanare Café, located in a walkable distance from Akihabara station, you can eat desserts and drink their original Japanese tea. One of the desserts that I would like to recommend is “Dora pan” which is a mixture of bread and “Dorayaki” (a red bean paste pancake that Japanese manga character, Doraemon loves) with some fruits and whipped cream on. The bread is made from rice powder and has very soft texture.

Dora pan with strawberries, red bean paste, whipped cream, and a hint of pistachio.

The shop also offers other kinds of desserts. One of them is a green tea parfait which includes many layers of Japanese sweets such as green-tea ice cream, red bean paste, Warabimochi, etc.

Green tea parfait
The counter where they make Japanese tea

The shop has a modern taste but keeps subtle Japanese atmosphere.

If you are not too familiar with Japanese traditional sweets, it may be easier for you to try these modernized Japanese desserts while strolling in Akihabara.


Daisanmannendo Hanare:

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