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Tsubaki (“Camellia”)


Tsubaki, Camellia, is written in Kanji (“Chinese character”) by using the letter meaning “Tree” and “Spring”. Tsubaki is mentioned in Japanese folklore such as Yaobikuni, Tsubaki no Otome, and Oga no Tsubaki, and also, it is treated as a tree sacred to a deity at temples/shrines in Japan which is one of the reasons why Tsubaki is considered spiritual.

Tsubaki or Tsubaki oil is also known for its hair care properties. It is used to soften the hair, to repair split ends, and to achieve shiny hair. It is also used to protect the hair from external effects such as dust and smog. If you are in Japan, you can find Tsubaki oil for your hair treatment in drugstores. Check out the famous brand in the website below:

In 1624 to 1644 during the Edo era, Tsubaki became a big trend and a print book called “One Hundred Camellias” was published which accelerated the spread of Tsubaki flower across the country. This print book is one of the collections of Nezu museum in Minamiaoyama, Tokyo.

A book of One Hundred Camellias sold in Nezu museum

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