Kuro Tomesode


What is Tomesode?

Kuro (“Black”) Tomesode is the most elegant and formal kimono for married women. It is worn by married women at a formal ceremony such as a wedding party. If you go to a wedding ceremony in Japan, you may see the bride and groom’s mothers wear Kuro Tomesode.

Kuro Tomesode refers to a black kimono with five crests and a design on the skirt, below the waistline. This very formal kimono shows respect and gratitude to family members and guests who attend the wedding.

Rules for Kuro Tomesode

As mentioned above, Kuro Tomesode is worn by married women at a wedding ceremony who are very close to the bride and groom like their family members. If you are just friends invited to the wedding party, then it is not really appropriate to wear Kuro Tomesode. Also, it is important that if the bride’s mother wears Kuro Tomesode at the wedding ceremony, the groom’s mother also should wear the same as it matters for both sides of the family to have the same level of formality in what they wear. Especially for mothers who attend their children’s wedding party, it is highly recommended to choose Kuro Tomesode with a noble and sonorous pattern or design.

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