A little twist to Miso soup


You may have made Miso soup before but today, I’d like to introduce a very easy way to make your miso soup ever better. Just by adding two different kinds of miso, your soup will have much deeper and richer flavor. What I normally use for my miso soup is a mixture of red miso and yellow miso pastes. There are many different kinds of miso pastes but in general, red miso is called “Aka miso” and is fermented for the longest amount of time with the highest percentage of soybeans. A lot of Japanese restaurants use red miso paste in their miso soup. On the other hands, yellow miso is not fermented as long as red miso and sweeter than he red miso. The yellow miso is considered to have a more balanced punch of miso flavor. Once these two different miso pastes are mixed, it surprisingly creates the deep umami flavor.

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