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Nezu museum


Where is Nezu museum?

The Nezu museum is located close to Omotesando Station, one of Tokyo’s most trendy and fashionable area in Tokyo. With beautiful Japanese garden right next to the museum, the place is truly an urban oasis in Tokyo. The first owner of the museum was Kaichiro Nezu, president of the Tobu railway company, started the museum with his art collection.

How to get to the museum?

The easiest way to get to the museum is to get off the train at the Omotesando station and take Exit A5. Walk along the Miyuki street for 8 minutes and you will see the sign of the Nezu museum at the junction (See a picture below).

Attractiveness of the museum

Once you pass by the sign, you will walk the long hallway surrounded by bamboos to the entrance. It is just a two-story building but with the glass wall on the first floor, it makes the floor looks more spacious than the actual size.

The current museum was rebuilt in 2009 as the original building was damaged by the war. Fortunately, the art collection survived through the war as they were sent to suburban areas of Japan during the war. The architect who led the design of the current building was Kengo Kuma, who successfully merged modern and Japanese traditional tastes in one architectural work.

After you pass by the ticket counter, you will see the entrance hall where Buddha statues are placed. Most statues were made in China in 6th to 8th century. The exhibition inside the museum changes by season; so you may want to check out the website before you plan a visit.

After you enjoy the exhibition, you can take a walk in the beautiful Japanese garden right next to the museum.

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