Blood Types


You may have heard of it but Japanese people care about blood types. Why do Japanese people care so much about blood types? There is no one answer to it but lots of Japanese people believe in blood type horoscopes, which divide people into personalities based on blood types. People started believing in the qualities of blood type horoscopes as one time it was a fad on TV and in books.

  • Blood type A is most common in Japan, and those people are said to be serious and well-organized.
  • Blood type O is the second most common in Japan and these people are said to be easy-going and not detail-oriented.
  • Blood type B take things at their own pace, and blood type AB is said to have two sides.

To be honest, it is difficult categorize people’s personality in four buckets but a lot of times, we use it to check the compatibility in love and relationship. Of course, the categorization based on the blood type is not always accurate but you can just check the overall tendency of people’s characters. My blood type is A but I am actually not very well organized.. However, given my occupation (i.e. accountant), I should be well organized…

It is true that some people have blood types they like or dislike, especially for those who truly believe in the blood type horoscopes. If you don’t know your blood type, you can easily check up at the hospital. I am sure you can have a small talk with strangers in Japan about the blood types if you know yours.

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