Stationery is very popular with Japanese people, especially erasable ballpoint pens flew off the shelves when they were first introduced, and are still a popular Japanese stationery item. Masking tape that you can write on is also popular, which is also used for wrapping presents and gifts, decorating your greeting cards and other items. Stickers are popular among girls. There is a variety of pretty stickers that you can use for your letters, cards, and gifts.

You can buy stationery almost anywhere in Japan, including convenience stores but bookstores or stationary sections in department stores has a good variety of stationery if you are looking for some pretty items. In Tokyo, there are a lot of stationery stores ranging from mom-and-pop stores to high-end stationery shops. “Itoya” in Ginza is one of the retailers that offers a wide selection of stationery, paper crafts, business tools, etc. Its 18-story building in Ginza has everything you need to make your office desk pretty and convenient! You may also be able to find a good souvenir in the store for your friends and family. It’s worth stopping by in the store if you have not been.

Another shop that I would recommend is LOFT which is located in a lot of major cities in Tokyo such as Ginza, Ikebukuro, Ueno, Shinjuku, Shibuya, etc. They sell unique and original stationery with affordable prices. In Japan, even post-it notes have to be pretty and original for your office use.

Tokyu Hands is another option for you if you want to surprise your friends and family with the originality of the stationeries. Not just stationery but they also sell a variety of crafts and goods that may be suitable for artists and painters.

Other than stores that I mentioned above, in Japan you can find good stationeries in a book store as well. You can find the book store called “Tsutaya” everywhere in Japan but the one I really recommend is the Tsutaya book store in Daikanyama. It is more of a relaxing space or a cafĂ© than just a book store with some high quality items being sold inside the store. They sell not just books but also CD/DVD, stationery, food, cosmetics,
audio, clothing that match up with their concept. The store may be a good place to feel the cool vibe of artistic side of Tokyo. There are also some nice cafes and restaurants around the Tsutaya book store in Daikanyama, so checking out those places may also be fun.

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