What is Nijudaiko?

Nijudaiko, a two-layered knot, is one of the Obi styles that you tie for the formal Kimono, such as Tomesode. Normally, you would use “Fukuro Obi”, the type of Obi that is much longer than the Nagoya Obi, to make Nijudaiko. In the picture below, I used the Fukuro Obi that has patterns on the 60% of it. The way you tie the Nijudaiko is much more complicated compared to Ichiju Daiko which is one-layered knot suited for more casual kimono style. As you may be able to tell from the picture below, Nijudaiko is more gorgeous and worn for special occasions such as attending your friends’ wedding. The kimono I am wearing in the picture below is called “Komon” which is rather casual than formal; so does not go well with the Fukuro Obi (The kimono I am wearing in the picture is just for practicing).

I would say it is not easy to tie Fukuro Obi but it definitely makes your kimono style looks more beautiful and bright!

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