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Aroma made in Japan for relaxation


Hibi – 10 minutes aroma

Today I’d like to introduce a 10-minute aroma that you can easily enjoy at home or anywhere you might be as it is light and portable. The aroma is called “Hibi” and is a bit different from a stick of Japanese incense that you may have seen before. The incense of Hibi is in a form of matches and comes with a matchbox-look little box. The product was made from the incense of Awaji Island and matches of Harima, both of which are two of Hyogo prefecture’s traditional crafts. I must say the delicate scent of aroma that Hibi brings is very special and makes a relaxing moment for you wherever you are at. The concept of the product can be found in the website below as well.

Products of Hibi

There is a variety of fragrances ranging from regular to large boxes for Hibi aroma. My favorite is Lemongrass and Lavender. More details in the website below.

What is fascinating about this product is that the idea of unifying two traditional crafts – matches and Japanese incense to create a new product, aroma in a form of matches, was brought up by skilled craftsmen to pass down the traditional goods from the region to the next generation and make the product available not only to Japanese people but to the people in other parts of the world.

How to enjoy Hibi?

The use of product is basically the same as how you use matches.

Step1: Take out a stick of incense from the Hibi box and press its top tip against the surface on one side of the box and scrape it to light it like when you use the matches.

Step2: Once the stick is ignited, then hold it for a little while until flame spreads to the incense part. You can cover the light with the other hand to help the match head burn and the light spread to its incense part.

Step3: Lay the stick on the Hibi’s special mat that comes with the Hibi’s aroma box and enjoy the scent for about 10 minutes or so.

The photo is just an image of Step3. You will see smoke from the incense stick if you actually light it

See more details below.

Where to purchase Hibi?

Good news is that you can purchase Hibi online and distributors are also located all over the world! Please check out the shops in the country that you live in on the webpage below and you may be able to purchase it online from the distributor. Or if you are in Japan, some Tsutaya book stores sell the product in their stores so if you have a chance to stop by in those stores, please check it out onsite.

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