Green tea flavored sweets


When you are tired shopping in Shibuya..

If you are in Japan, you should definitely try green tea flavored sweets at least once. In Japan, most green tea flavored sweets have strong and rich green tea tastes, as they are often times made from leaves that are high quality. The good green tea flavored sweets have to be both sweet and bitter like real best-tasting green tea. If you are in Shibuya, try green tea flavored sweets at “108 MATCHA SARO” located on the basement floor of Tokyu Department Store which is right next to the Shibuya station. The green tea used for desserts in this shop is blended by a professional Japanese tea master. The picture to the left below is green tea soft serve with raw sugar syrup as a topping. There are many different kinds of green tea flavored sweets at the shop so try out some and find your favorite taste!

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