Girl’s Day


It’s been a year since I uploaded the article about Japan’s Girl’s Day last year. Time flies! We never thought the COVID-19 pandemic would continue this long.. Clearly our life has changed since then. This year, we had a little celebration of Girls’s Day with my family as this was my niece’s first time in her life to celebrate the event since she was born in February last year.

This year my parents bought a brand new set of ornamental dolls repesenting emperor and emporess for my niece. They found the dolls that they liked in Asakusa. The festival is to celebrate the good health of girls with decorating the ornamental dolls and eating some good food including Chirashizushi, a kind of sushi that served on the plate with colorful toppings. The basic toppings are eggs, shiitake mushrooms, sashimi, some vegitables, etc. and clam soup. A lot of poeple also eath Sakuramochi, a Japanese spring dessert.

On the day my niece was born last February, I went to the hospital to have a glance at her. There, I found a very beautiful, traditional ornamental dolls.

The dolls include not just emperor and emperess but also attendants and musicians in traditional court dress of the Heian period. You may rarely see this kind of gorgeous set of dolls in Tokyo as houses are pretty small to decorate such a huge set of dolls.

It has been a pretty tough year since February 2020 but Girl’s Day and these stunning dolls remind me of the greatest moment that my niece was born into this world!

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