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Nagoya Obi


What is Obi?

“Obi” is a type of belt, typically tied together rather than fastened with a buckle when wearing traditional Japanese clothes, Kimonos. Like normal clothes, you need to dress up appropriately and fit the occasion when wearing Kimonos. There are many different Kimono styles depending on seasons, occasions, etc. so a bit of technique is required when it comes to choosing which Kimono to wear. Also, finding a matching Obi to your Kimono is something that requires a skill. Learning how to wear Kimonos is not easy even for Japanese people. Recently I started taking Kimono lessons so that I could wear my own Kimonos at home but realized that this may take some time to master….

Nagoya Obi

Nagoya Obi is a kind of Obi which is relatively easy to tie for Kimonos, especially for Kimono beginners. Invented in Taisho era (1912 – 1926) and spread across the country in Showa era (1926 – 1989), Nagoya Obi is shorter than any other kinds of Obi, which made it easier for people to tie. Nagoya Obi suits casual Kimono style. There are three different kinds of Nagoya Obi but the one I am wearing in the picture is 60% patterned while the rest has no patterns. When tying the 60% patterned Nagoya Obi, you need to make sure the patterned side is facing outside at a right position. In the picture, I only made one round with Nagoya Obi, which is one of the most casual shapes among various Obi styles.

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