Afternoon Tea at Oasis Garden


The rainy season started in Tokyo in June but one good news is that the state of emergency has been finally lifted on 21st of June! Still, people are very cautious about dining out but I had a chance to have a little afternoon tea with my friend in the restaurant called Oasis Graden which is located on the 36th floor of The Prince Gallery Tokyo Kioicho, a 5-Star hotel in Tokyo.

5-Star Hotel Tokyo | The Prince Gallery Tokyo Kioicho, a Luxury Collection Hotel (

It was a vegan afternoon team menu which is sugar-free and 100% natural. The decoration of food and dessert was amzingly beautiful that you can’t even imagine everything is made from vegan ingredients!

Sweets plate came with:

  1. Banna muffin
  2. Team and fig pund cake
  3. Pumpkin tart
  4. Blueberry cake
  5. Cranberry bliss ball
  6. Soy milk panna cotta and fruits
  7. Flower fruits jelly
  8. Leaf and moss cookie

Savory plate came with:

  1. Soy meat burger with Tomato rice flour bun
  2. Little gem lettuce and Ice plant with Avocado dip
  3. Mango and Coconut milk smoothie
  4. Colorful tomato with Yatsushiro tomato consomme jelly
  5. Tofu Blancmange

Also, it came with these little scones (plain, lemon, thyme) and jan/cream that are also vegan. All the plates were not just pretty but brought out natural sweetness of the ingredients without using any white sugar. The sweets plate was gluten-free and the savory plate was goken-free which means no use of vegitables such as garlic, Chinese chives, green onions, onions, and chives.

The tea that was served together with the vegan food was also all organic. We had organic emerald matcha, organic African nectar, fruity chamomile, etc.

It was such a beatiful, relaxing meal. Highly recommended!

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