Donuts from Misdo

If you are in Japan toward the end of May 2022, you should definitely try donuts from Mister Donuts (i.e. Misdo)! The reason why I said until the end of May 2022 is because they offer special donuts collaborated with Tsujiri, a famous tea brand in Japan, until then. A series of Matcha flavored donuts […]

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Harbor Terrace

Harbor Terrace – Restaurant You may have been to places close to the Kamakura station in Kanagawa prefecture while you are traveling in Tokyo but today, I would like to introduce a restaurant that is a bit far from the Kamakura station. The restaurant is inside the hotel called Harbor Terrace where you can enjoy […]

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Golden Week

Children’s Day May 5th is a Children’s Day (Boy’s festival) in Japan and we hang up the carp streamers called “Koinobori” on Children’s day. Parents display “Koinobori” hoping that their children will grow up healthy and strong. The origin of “Koinobori” is a historical event in ancient China. It’s said that a carp was the […]

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