Soba on new year’s eve

Tradition in Japan A lot of people in Japan eat soba, buckwheat noodles, on December 31st to celebrate the last day of the year. Anything could be toppings on your soba, for example, Tempura (deep-fried shrimp), Abura-age (deep-fried bean curd), or other kinds of vegetables, etc. Soba is one of the most popular daily Japanese […]

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Yamaguchi – Rurikoji temple

Where is it located? Have you been to Yamaguchi prefecture? It is located in Japan’s Chugoku region, on the southwest side of Honshu Island. The prefecture is surrounded by Hibiki-nada Sea (Northwest of Kanmon Straits between Honshu and Kyushu), the Sea of Japan, and Seto Inland Sea. Because of its unique location, you can enjoy […]

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How to find good restaurants in Japan?

Search online When you are traveling in Japan with constantly changing schedule, it is easier to search restaurants or cafes to have some good food or drinks on your phone. If you are in the U.S., “Yelp” may be your go-to app. In Japan, “Tabelog” is one of the most reliable sources that you can […]

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