Culture/History | Kimonos

Kikyo (“Japanese Bellflower”)

What kind of flower is Kikyo? Japanese bellflower, Kikyo, is a vivid purple, five petal flower which is the symbol of unchanging love, honesty, and obedience. Kikyo is often used as patterns in Kimonos and Obi, a belt for Kimonos, and also used as family crests (“Kamon” in Japanese) which is called “Kikyo-Mon.” The flower […]

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Ume (Plum) flower

History of Ume flower Since Ume-tree is the first to blossom (i.e. the tree starts to blossom in the coldest time of the winter), Ume has been appreciated by people in China for many years. As Ume flower blooms in the midst of the cold winter, people see the flower as a human being who […]

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