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Nezu museum

Where is Nezu museum? The Nezu museum is located close to Omotesando Station, one of Tokyo’s most trendy and fashionable area in Tokyo. With beautiful Japanese garden right next to the museum, the place is truly an urban oasis in Tokyo. The first owner of the museum was Kaichiro Nezu, president of the Tobu railway […]

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Tsubaki (“Camellia”)

Tsubaki, Camellia, is written in Kanji (“Chinese character”) by using the letter meaning “Tree” and “Spring”. Tsubaki is mentioned in Japanese folklore such as Yaobikuni, Tsubaki no Otome, and Oga no Tsubaki, and also, it is treated as a tree sacred to a deity at temples/shrines in Japan which is one of the reasons why […]

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